Membership Benefits 2022

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Cardrona - Treble Cone


Season pass holders will receive: 

  • 10% discount across all food and beverage at Cardrona, Treble Cone & Apres

  • 25% off workshop

    • Comp tune ( Hand edge, Stone grind, Ptex, Perf Wax and Polish) RRP $80, Club deal $60

    • Perf tune (Machine edge, Stone Grind, Ptex, Perf Wax and Polish) RRP $70, Club deal $53

    • Standard Tune (Belt Grind, Machine Edge, Ptex, Std Wax and Polish) RRP $49, Club deal $37

*discounts will be loaded on members' RFID season pass (including family members) in just three batches: mid June, 1st July, 5th August.

Grassroots kids with instructor at Cardr

Grants & Funding


As a Wanaka Snow Sports Club member you will be eligible to apply for:

  • Grassroots Awards - for children in years 2-8. Next funding round is March 2023. 

  • Northern Hemisphere Grants - for older athletes, aged 12-25 years old, traveling, training and competing in the Northern Hemisphere. Next funding round is October 2022.

Special terms and conditions apply to applications and are subject to change


Adults Ski Improvement at Cardrona-Treble Cone


Cardrona-Treblecone Ski School is offering WSC members one day per week for 3 or 6 weeks of small group lessons with the same group and instructor.

Always popular, this is a fabulous way to upskill and regain confidence for adult skiers.

Starts first week of August. Prices/days to be confirmed. 

More info to come soon! Organise your friends now!

rookies at TC.jpg

Rookie Academy


$100 off any 2022 Rookie Academy Camp including the Arrive Ready Snowplanet Camps.

New for 2022 are the Brunch Camps at Cardrona and Treble Cone, very exciting for the older skier.

PLUS the usual Rookie Camps, Rookie Power Camps and the Super September Camp.

Visit to get the details and to book.


Drysure Boot Driers


With Drysure you are able to dry your boots anywhere, anytime. without the need for power sockets or batteries! What's more, WSC grant recipient, Campbell Appel is selling Drysure locally to help fund his racing expenses: 


I've been using them myself for the last year and they work great at keeping my boots dry and clean. I've done a little video on how to use them and set-up an Instagram and Facebook account.  


Members get a 10% discount and save on shipping if you are local. Use coupon code WSC2022 when ordering.

If you are a business interested in partnering with Wanaka Snowsports Club, please get in touch.