Wanaka Ski and Snowsports Club

The Wanaka Ski Club was incorporated in 1979.


The objects of the club are to;

  • Promote good fellowship among members,

  • Promote and encourage amateur ski running in all it’s forms, including ski racing and ski jumping, touring on skis and ski -mountaineering, pioneer work and exploration,

  • Develop and improve technical skill on skis and a knowledge of snow craft.

  • Erect, construct, alter, move or demolish any buildings and equipment and all other things necessary for attaining the objectives of the club.


In 2008 the club changed it’s name to Wanaka Ski and Snowsports Club to reflect the evolution of snow sports in Wanaka and the wider range of snow sports activities it’s members were participating in. The club now works to meet its objectives for members in all snow sports.


None of our activities would be possible without the support of our sponsors!