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Whether you are a new Member or renewing your Membership we ask that you review and agree to our Member Protection Policy. The checkbox at the bottom of this page will then forward you to our sign up pages.
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Wanaka Snowsports Club Incorporated (WSC) Membership Protection Policy

Members, and young people in particular, must be cared for treated with respect with their
welfare placed at the centre of everything we do within our club’s snow sports and related
Everyone involved in our club’s sporting and social activities joins with good intentions and we
are all expected to do our part responsibly and to comply with our policies and rules.

Wanaka Snowsports Club Incorporated (WSC) knows everyone involved in our clubs sporting
and social activities is here because of a shared passion for snow sports and care for the
people involved.
WSC aims to provide a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment for everyone involved in its
activities. People are expected to show respect and courtesy in their interactions with others.

This code aims to:
● provide guidance for the behaviour expected of all people when participating in WSC’s
● support an inclusive environment where all people are treated with dignity, respect and

This code applies to anyone involved in WSC and its regional and national organisations,
where applicable.
This includes volunteers, participants, supporters, club members, service providers, and
families/whānau of participants.
It is to be read together with WSC’s policies and procedures.

Expected behaviours

Everyone involved with WSC must obey the law at all times.
Everyone is expected to:
● act in good faith towards WSC
● show commitment to WSCs purpose
● follow the principles of fair play, and encourage others to do the same
● respect the rights, dignity and value of others
● be considerate and treat everyone fairly and equally● be a positive role model
● communicate with others in a way that is honest and considerate
● be committed to providing a quality service
● behave professionally, responsibly and ethically, at all times
● not behave in any way which is discriminatory, bullying, harassing, racist, sexist,
violent, abusive or otherwise inappropriate towards others, in person or online
● remain free of the influence of drugs, performance enhancing substances and alcohol
while involved in WSC’s sporting activities.
● abide by WSC’s Host responsibility policy
● ensure safe and healthy practices at all times
● follow this code, WSCs policies and procedures, and any applicable rules issued by
New Zealand Ski Areas and/or Snowsports New Zealand Inc
● report breaches of this code, WSC’s policies and procedures, and any applicable rules
issued by New Zealand ski areas and/or SSNZ in a timely and appropriate way.

Participants are expected to:
● play competitively and fairly
● play by the rules of the activity/sport
● be humble in both success and defeat
● be respectful, refrain from arguing with, and be cooperative with officials/referees,
coaches, team managers, teammates, and other competitors
Family/whānau of participants are expected to:
● lead by example
● remember participant enjoyment of the activity/sport is most important
● encourage participants, not force them
● focus on participant effort and performance, not the end result
● never punish participants for making a mistake or not winning
● encourage participants to play by the rules of the sport
● encourage low-level resolution of disagreements
● be appreciative of officials/referees, coaches, supervisors and team managers, and
respect their decisions.

WSC Volunteers
Volunteers are expected to:
● lead by example
● respect and treat all participants fairly and equally
● support participants to reach their full potential, keeping in mind their individual talents,
developmental stages and sporting/activity goals
● provide all participants with equal attention and opportunities
● operate within the rules of the activity/sport, and the principles of fair play, while
encouraging participants to do the same
● advocate for a sporting environment free of drugs, alcohol and performance enhancing
substances, guided by Drug Free Sport New Zealand
● display courtesy, respect, honesty and professionalism to everyone involved in the
activities of WSC including family/ whānau, other competitors, coaches, officials/
referees, any other volunteers and team managers
● accurately represent all qualifications, experience, competence and affiliations they
● provide a quality service to participants, including:
– maintaining qualifications as appropriate
– seeking continuous improvement and development opportunities for
– volunteers’ needs and goals
– seeking advice and assistance where required.
● provide a safe sporting environment, as far as possible by:
– encouraging participants to seek medical advice when sick or injured
– being considerate and proactive toward sick and injured participants
– be alert to the abuse of participants, verbally, physically and emotionally.

Organisation based referees/officials
Referees/officials are expected to:
● officiate all events fairly and impartially, placing participant safety at the heart of their
● have a thorough understanding of the relevant snow sport discipline’s rules
● condemn unsporting behaviour and encourage respect for competitors
● support other referees/officials and encourage respect for them
● treat all participants equally, and with dignity and respect
● conduct themselves in an ethical way.

Reporting a breach
Individuals who wish to report an alleged breach of this policy should first email
All reports will be treated in confidence.

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